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  • 1:02:49
  • 127 Photos
  • 12th Oct 2023

Chapter III of HardWerk?s Triptychon series delivers on the numbers in lead performer Sulema Vasquez?s first ever gang bang: three cocks slowly roused to rapt attention during a tender bondage session; a screen split into one, two and three perspectives, infinite nuances, a singular desire; and one rigger and several lengths of rope to bind it all together. But ? as this format proves once more, this time in its most languid and meditative installment yet ? a gang bang is not math but alchemy. Where attention should be divided, pleasure is instead multiplied, where the pace slows down, intensity ? intent itself ? is heightened, and where twists of knots should restrict and restrain, each whisper of rope over skin speaks of something liberated, something sensual and something sacred.

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