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    Step into the sultry embrace of a scorching summer day in the countryside, where a woman draped in scarlet silk finds herself drawn to a secluded garden party, a hidden oasis amidst the rustic landscape. Amidst the lush greenery, she encounters four handsome locals, each possessing a charm and allure that sets her heart ablaze. They invite her to join them at a table adorned with a sumptuous spread of delicious fruits and freshly baked baguettes, their enticing aromas filling the air. Gathered around the table, their conversation turns flirtatious as they exchange glances laden with suggestion. With each jest and tease, their banter becomes a dance of seduction, fueled by the pleasures of the table and the heat of the summer sun. The woman in red, performer Calita Fire, lives out her fantasies and desires run wild in this outdoor gang bang inspired by 70s soft-core French films. Don’t be misled by the softness of the colours and the magical atmosphere of the mysterious garden - with skilled anal play and long passages of double penetration, there is no lack on the hardcore side of HardWerk, proving once again that sensual and hardcore play can go hand in hand when the connection and chemistry of the performers blossoms in this direction. The hottest spring feast!

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    • 9th May 2024

    Jonte Films

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