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    Real, Raw and stripped down: HardWerk’s latest format, ‘The Banging Of’, offers up the studio’s most intimate take on hardcore porn yet. Featuring lead performer Lindsey Cruz in her first-ever gangbang, the captivating new two-part composition transports us both deep into the gasps, groans and ever more tangible heat of the moment as well as behind the scenes as Lindsey prepares for the shoot. As the filmmakers explain, it’s about getting to know the person behind the porn star, and exploring that profoundly personal space where identity and desire come out to play. Beyond that, with this reimagined approach inviting viewers closer to the action than ever, every moment of dirty talk, playful banter and checking in is recorded and retained in the final cut, capturing group sex at its most unscripted and authentic. The only more real gangbang you’re going to find is the one you’re participating in yourself…

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    • 4th Apr 2024

    Lindsey Cruz Films

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